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This is an initiative of our company aimed at providing high quality services in the market of business development consulting. Learn more about it.

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About Us

AI International Projects Development Inc. delivers a range of high quality professional services to small and medium businesses, identifying and leveling the obstacles and barriers to their development and access to international markets.

In our business we rely on the successful international experience in the field of investments, promoting goods, services and companies, marketing and IT, using modern methods of organizing and running a business. In working with partners we rely on the principles of reliability, trust, and long-term cooperation.

Who is working on your project? AI International Projects Development Inc. is the result of two decades of collaborative work of international consultants in business development in Montreal, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The company's founders are highly qualified specialists with vast experience in trade missions, embassies, and consulting companies. more...

We focus on a combination of tangible bottom line of sustainable success of the client. Realistically assess the intended result of our work and see it as their task to the financial return on our projects and collaboration greatly exceeded the cost of our services.

  • Our staff - is the highest level professionals with extensive international experience and innovative approach to solving problems.
  • Our tools and technology - it's the modern principles and methods of development and ways to achieve the result of our activities, and creative approach to the implementation in each case based on the characteristics of the market, individual client company, its projects and needs.
  • Our primary strategic objective - is to use a wide range of knowledge, experience and capabilities to provide customers with the best possible conditions for sustainable development and growth of their businesses on a local and international markets.
  • Our potential customers - the companies that are in the stage of experiencing the need to improve or expand the market, partnerships and contacts, developing new distribution channels or supply.
  • Our clients and partners we can offer support and assistance at any level in the field of international development and promotion, investment, insurance and credit, marketing and analytical support, real estate and business organization, as well as a number of additional works and services.

Marketing and Analytics

  • Providing information on the creditworthiness and reliability of companies around the world;
  • Implementation of the search and selection of suppliers and consumers of products, goods and services to test their reliability;
  • Research prices and demand;
  • Research prospects for a certain market by category of goods or services.

Development and promotion

  • Search and selection of suppliers and distributors;
  • Registration of different ownership and certification;
  • Participation in international events (exhibitions, expo, etc.);
  • Organization of advertising, promotional and marketing activities and companies;
  • Creating sites and shopping areas;
  • Full range of services for the development of foreign markets at any level and type.

Investment and Promotion

  • Search for investors and the financial schemes of the organization of interaction;
  • Development of business plans and their implementation;
  • Preparation and implementation of international projects at any level and scale;
  • Preparation of all documentation, suitable for adoption and review of banks in North America and Europe;
  • Lobbying project (implementation of the project submission for review and representation of the initiators of the project in the instances).

International business and investment projects

  • Provide regular information about the contracts offered by public or private companies for the purchase or sale of certain goods and services do commercial deals on behalf of our clients;
  • Checking the reliability and creditworthiness of companies;
  • Preparation and implementation of international activities at any level and scale;
  • Search for suppliers and consumers of products, goods and services.

Business and Real Estate

  • To carry out the purchase/sale of a business or franchise in Canada, U.S., Europe and the Caribbean;
  • Opening and registration of representative offices;
  • Check the real estate and property rights;
  • Buying and selling real estate;
  • Support of transactions.

Other services for businesses

  • Preparation of business plans;
  • Support of transactions;
  • Due diligence;
  • Analytical support and decision-making for business;
  • Marketing analysis of markets;
  • Insurance and maintenance of any projects and transactions.

AI International Projects Development Inc. invites you to a long-term cooperation.