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Consulting for success

The initiative, proposed by our company aims at improving the quality business development and investment attraction services, and level of service offered.

As part of this initiative, we apply some basic principles that became the foundation of our practice:

  1. We are using all our experience, competence and professionalism with the principles of fairness and independence.
  2. We create realistic expectations about the results and effectiveness of our services.
  3. We accept only the development of projects that is comparable with our capabilities and competencies.
  4. Before the project we achive mutual understanding on the tasks of the project, work plan, prices and time.
  5. We are working on the basis of complete confidentiality on the details of the project unless it is contrary to the principles of morality and legality. We take all appropriate measures to protect confidential information received from the Customer.
  6. We take all measures to prevent conflict of interest, if any, is possible. We will inform the Client of such risks.
  7. We offer the customer to suspend cooperation if there is a situation where we can not be objective in relation to the project.
  8. A team of consultants working on the project will always be tailored to objectiveness, independence and professionalism.
  9. We achieve a full understanding on pricing for our services. We present an adequate justification for all costs of the project.
  10. Participants of the project, attracted by us or attracting us cannot be not in agency relationship with us, are not resellers of our services and do not receive a commission to attract.
  11. We will inform the competent person within the organization or outside it, if we will witness illegal acts.
  12. We respect the rights of our colleagues and we will not use the information or methodology that belongs to them, without their consent.
  13. We present our industry with integrity and professionalism in relation to clients, colleagues and society.
  14. In promoting our services, we do not use unethical marketing practices to the detriment of our abilities or our professional colleagues in the market.
  15. We adhere to these principles, guided by them in every step of the project. We understand vital significance of ethical and professional behavior of consultant.