Business and real estate.

Our Company is ready to provide a wide range of services in accordance with accepted international standards. We specialize in real estate transactions, sale and purchase of businesses of any level, including various types of franchises in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Russia, China, and Japan.

Our professional experience avails us to provide real estate transaction services focusing the international markets. Thus, we can offer our customers an individual set of options that goes along with his/her requirements and expectations. The basic package of services for real estate transactions include:

        Necessary project development and product commercialization;

        Structuring the optimal option sale and purchase transaction, including legal support and notary;

         Integrated sale of finished project in all countries;

         Providing assistance to sell the real estate project at any level of development, including international real estate exchange;

         Seeking the property at any level and type according to the customer's request, including residential, commercial or industrial property

         Due diligence services and preparation of comprehensive report on the following: owner, the municipal market value and forecast value of the object on short, medium and long term development;

         Consulting on all matters of real estate in any country (legal, notary, economic, legislative issues and etc.)

Moreover, our company is ready to provide services for sale and purchase of businesses or its development, organization and support, including the development, sale and purchase and maintenance of various types of franchises in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Caribbean countries, China and Japan. At the same time, we can offer you a special set of options to meet your needs and build successful cooperation:

         Full support of sale and purchase of business (negotiating all the terms of transaction);

         Developing a feasible price offer with a glance to buyer’s criteria and the current market situation in the local and foreign markets;

         Signing of Letter of Intent;

         Ensuring safe custody of the deposit in accordance with the Agreement of Intent (if necessary); representation of clients in cross-checking the data of the investment memorandum and monitoring of the parties commitments;

         Preparation of the transaction itself and the sale and purchase of business: the preparation and registration of necessary set of documents, legal, notary, and consulting support;

Each case of sale / purchase of business or commercial property include certain types of work discussed based on the clients wishes and business specifications. We have at our disposal all the necessary capabilities, documents and knowledge to evaluate companies, make audit, provide a legal support or carry out sale and purchase of business. Also, we are ready to provide you with a full range of professional services for searching a proper company to buy:

         Analysis of required segment of business. (na russkom ne ponyatno, napisal kak ponyal)

         Determining the spectrum of suitable companies.

         Searching for the company fulfilling the necessary requirements.

         Financial and legal analysis of the company and its property.

         Analyzing the reasons of sale of business and commercial properties.

         Preparation of investment memorandum of the company.

         Making recommendations on consequences of purchase and / or sale of business.

         Making financial audit upon request of client.

         Harmonization of prices and terms of the deal on the sale of a business or commercial property

         Development of an optimal structure of the sale

Huge self experience and unparallel professionalism of our experts and partners allow us to carry out consultancy and implement certain type of services for the sale of existing business, which includes the following basic works:

         Evaluation of business (including assessment of real estate, equipment, its brand, reputation, products, and etc.)

         Analysis of the business and its positioning in the competitive environment of the occupied market;

         Auditof legal entity;

         Presale activities (increasing the investment attractiveness of the business);

         Representing the interests of the seller during negotiation process with the buyer; 

         Finding a buyer (we look not for ordinary buyer, but we look for a successor, who is willing develop the business and make it profitable or diversify its processes to increase effectiveness);

         Supporting the sales process (analysis of business assets, the sales contract, payments to the purchaser)

         Complex legal, translation, notary and other support of our client.

The procedures and initiation of work:

         Submission of application by applicant to our manager. Consideration within 48 hours. Specifying necessary questions.

         In case of acceptance of your application, we sign a contract for providing professional services. We make clear all the terms of contract: dates, scope of work, costs and results.

After the payment is made as per the contract, we officially initiate the works and notify the client immediately.