Development and Promotion.

Based on years of impeccable experience in domestic and international markets, our company is ready to offer its best practices and apply effective mechanisms of development of foreign markets, which includes not only marketing (market, economic, strategic) tools and techniques, but also the effective corporate programs, such as the organization of exhibitions, organization of sales and procurement of systems, and optimization (construction) logistic flows, as well as providing financial and legal support for such activities and schemes.

Working with us, you have an opportunity to be present and develop at three continents, including North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Russia, China, and Japan.

All our services are integrated with fixed cost. There are no hidden charges of any kind.

Within the services of developing your business and promoting your products we can offer:

        Selection of reliable suppliers and customers for your products;

         Selection of partners for joint production, R&D, and distributors;

        Construction and organization of appropriate and effective schemes of financial cooperation and logistical support;

        Legal (Legislation of Member States) support on transactions and interactions, insurance and financial support;

        Necessary elaboration of documents (marketing plan, program, research) and implementation of the marketing mix, individually customized;

        Regular information on contracts offered by government or private companies in order to make a commercial offer to them for the benefit of our clients.

We can provide competent solutions on registration of property rights, making transactions, certification and other related issues. This will save your money and time. In this area, our program includes:

         Execution of works related to the certification of your products and services. The key feature of such service composite and optimal price;

         Registration of property rights of any kind, including patents. Elaboration of necessary documents and materials in relevant languages.

You can promote and develop your business by participating on international events and exhibitions. Whereas our company can accompany you on such events and, consequently, not only greatly save your money, but also bring you new customers, orders and signed contracts. We can help you to embrace new plans, ideas and energy for development. We offer you:

        Favorable conditions for participation on exhibitions;

         Design, develop, organize a sophisticated stand on event using advanced hardware and multimedia;

        Selection of exhibitions with the specifics of the company, preparation of international exhibitions by industry;

         Providing a full-service on organization, participation and visiting international trade shows, conferences, seminars and workshops abroad;

        Design and construction of exhibition stands on international exhibitions;

         Preparation and organization of business meetings with relevant companies in the country for an international exhibition.

We are ready to develop an advertising and promo strategy for your company. Marketing and creative promotion strategy is the core for developing the business. Within this segment we offer:

        The development of integrated activities based on the characteristics of the market and the target segment, as well as the development of strategies for the development or expansion with various modern and efficient technologies for marketing, advertising and promotion;

        Implementation of a package of advertising and promotion on three continents with the various features of the key markets and customers.

Gathered experience allows us to successfully implement projects of different complexity. Today, therefore, we can offer the design, creation, implementation and promotion of different shopping sites and shopping venues of all sizes. In the work in hand we use only latest software technologies. All this allows us to effectively solve tasks dead on time:

         We create shopping sites, subject portals, retail and other web-based applications for the markets of Russia, Europe, Asia, Japan, China and the Caribbean;

        Perform the testing (visualization, usability, etc.), optimization, promotion, copywriting, using the most modern technologies and methods in the desired language and the individual needs of our clients.

The procedures and initiation of work:

         Submission of application by applicant to our manager. Consideration within 48 hours. Specifying necessary questions.

         In case of acceptance of your application, we sign a contract for providing professional services. We make clear all the terms of contract: dates, scope of work, costs and results.

  After the payment is made as per the contract, we officially initiate the works and notify the client immediately