Marketing and Analytics.

To be successful on a global market the companies or any project has to have own plan of development. Such a plan can be attained only by comprehensive outward economic environment analysis. Our team of marketing managers is doing this analysis on a regular basis. Throughout their practice they have developed unique marketing campaigns. Today we are happy to share this practice with you.
We can provide you with thorough informational support: data gathering and its analyses. As a result we would be able to select specific type of development strategy and estimate the efficiency of the whole campaign in the long term. Full spectrum of services can be provided regardless of capacity and territory.
We are ready to work out the individual marketing solutions designed exclusively for you: instruments, materials and documents. The marketing solutions (marketing plan, marketing program, various development strategies, budget and business planning and etc.) will be focused to the specific market segment or niche that can develop necessary economic, technical, financial and logistic models. Also we can assist you to implement designed marketing solutions, upon your request.
Each package of individual marketing solutions consists of the following:


  • Investigating market situation, indicating capacity, prices, main trends, etc.;
  • Researching consumer market (products / services) indicating: the volume of consumption, consumer needs, consumer target groups, as well as the motives of consumer behavior;
  • Competitive analysis (defining the list of major manufacturers and suppliers of similar products in the targeted market, analysis of the wholesale and retail prices, the analysis of similar and substituted products of studied market);
  • Searching for the company-producers and suppliers of products / services. Analyzing companies’ proposed products, prices and producing volumes (actual and potential), possessing segment and niches (in kind and in cash);
  • Searching for business partners and customers (giving the full contact information: description of the company, list of products, address, and other information that allows to get an idea of the possibilities of the company);
  • Analyzing statistical data of a global trade, foreign trade in the context of export / import, its value and volume terms;
  • Performance rating of sales and service departments;
  • Brand testing: recognition, awareness, and associations toward the brand;
  • International marketing - activities directed to research the commercial and marketing effectiveness of the company;
  • Developing the recommendations, which will encourage sales on various markets, increase competitiveness, and improvement of the production program as well as sales and marketing policies;
  • Building, formalizing, optimizing and organizing financial flows and financial leverages;
  • Development, formalization, organization and implementation of optimal logistic schemes and international market flows;
  • Organizing simultaneous products distribution on several international markets. In addition to taking into consideration the specifications and barriers of foreign markets in different parts of the world;
  • Organization of import / export activity based on a marketing approach;
  • Building geomarketing models, their formalization and optimization;
  • Full marketing support of any campaign aimed to business development in the foreign markets.

Note: The deadlines and costs depend on the scope of work. We initiate the work after signing a formal agreement. The provided services shall be considered finished after the client provides signed Service Acceptance Certificate.

The procedures and initiation of work:

  • Submission of application by applicant to our manager. Consideration within 48 hours. Specifying necessary questions.
  • In case of acceptance of your application, we sign a contract for providing professional services. We make clear all the terms of contract: dates, scope of work, costs and results.
  • After the payment is made as per the contract, we officially initiate the works and notify the client immediately.