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This is an initiative of our company aimed at providing high quality services in the market of business development consulting. Learn more about it.

About Us Why AI International Projects Development?

Why AI International Projects Development?

Who is working on your project?

AI International Projects Development Inc. is the result of two decades of collaborative work of international business development consultants in Montreal, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The company's founders are highly qualified specialists with vast experience in trade missions, embassies, and consulting companies. Our consultants have extencive experience at the leading consulting companies where practical work is carried out along with academic studies. This practice ensures constant work on the theoretical basis of our findings.

What is the AI ??International Projects Development Inc.?

There are a number of large consulting groups in the world which provide services to optimize business management, to attract investment and support companies in the initial public offering (IPO), to develop export markets and support acquisitions of assets abroad. Typically, these firms operate for several decades, consist of hundreds and thousands of consultants around the world.

We are completely different. First, unlike our colleagues in the market, we are not concerned about the bureaucracy. The number of consultants working on the project, is rarely more than five experts. Each project has a project manager, ensuring a successful implementation. Second, our prices are the most affordable on the market. The quantity and quality of our services is not inferior to or greater than the level of similar products " the big four", but we are fundamental in pricing. Our services must be available, our prices must be fair, our costs should be transparent. Third, in every country where we work, we try to consider all the features of the market. This allows us to deal effectively with issues of cultural differences, attitudes and ways of doing business. Fourth, we strictly adhere to "Code of Ethics of consultant", adopted by the International Association of Management Consulting.

What are the objectives of the company in your country?

We are looking for companies that need to develop export market, purchase equipment, or attract investments. We offer unique solutions with maximum effectiveness ensuring successful realization of your projects.

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