International monitoring

Intelligence Desk by AI International Projects Development Inc. is a customized market monitoring solution that provides immediate industry and market insights for decision makers.


Clarity on international markets

Receive relevant and timely insights on your industry, markets and competitors on a continuous basis. As a strategic market intelligence and advisory group, clients appreciate AI INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS DEVELOPMENT INC.'s ability to understand their business and to customize market monitoring services to their specific needs.


The monitoring services today caters to the needs of our end users around the world, providing information and early warning on a wide range of topics:

- Competitor Monitoring

- Customer Monitoring

- Partner & Supplier Monitoring

- Macroeconomic and Key Indicator Monitoring

- Media Monitoring

- Blog and Social Media Monitoring

- IPR & Patent Monitoring

- Sales Leads Monitoring

- Public Tender Monitoring

- Mergers and Acquisitions Monitoring

- Regulatory Monitoring

- Trend Monitoring

- Price Monitoring

- Country Profiles, Product Profiles and Market Profiles

- Company Profiles

- Report Monitoring

- Scheduled Analysis and more...

Key Benefits

- Constant awareness of the developments in the company’s business environment

- Easy access to structured and processed business information

- Considerable time savings in finding relevant business information

- More time to concentrate on decision-making

Key Benefits for company managers

- Single database and delivery tool for all externally or internally produced business information helps avoid overlapping intelligence content and processes

- Avoiding cost redundancies

- Increased visibility for the market intelligence function

- Constant access to global best practices in developing corporate intelligence activities

- Possibility to focus on analysis instead of routine information collection and screening.