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Il s'agit d'une initiative de notre soci?t? visant ? fournir des services de qualit? dans le march? du conseil de d?veloppement des affaires. En savoir plus ? ce sujet.

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May 2009 Nagatino i-Land

In this project AI International Projects Development, Inc found the investor and mediated the negotiations between project owners and German investment bank.


German Industry and Trade Center has become the first office opened in Nagatino i-Land technopark. The opening ceremony took place on May 27.

The opening event was attended by about 500 guests, including representatives of the Moscow City Government, the Government of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg and LBBW, the German Bank co-investing the project.


Gunther Oettinger, the Baden-Wurttemberg state prime-minister called this opening “an evident sign of the trust of German economy in the successful economical development of Russia”.


The German Center will lodge representative offices of German small and medium businesses and will become an international business platform for Russia-Germany mutual cooperation.


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Export development project for a Russian nano technology

In this project AI International Projects Development, Inc developed export market for Russian nanofiber manufacturer.


 `Nanotechnology, or molecular technology, involves the manipulation of individual atoms

and molecules and it will sweep the world within ten to fifty years.'
K. E. Drexler

An export development project for a Russian nano technology materials producer of Textiles used for healthcare, home furnishings, carpets, filtration and clothing can often have advantages if treated to give them antimicrobial properties.


Synthetics such as nylon and polypropylene readily accept nanoparticles such as zinc oxide, copper oxide and doped zinc oxides that can import antimicrobial character to the fabric. An added advantage of the use of zinc oxide is that it is approved for use in skin contact fabrics.


The small particle size means the enhanced material can be made using normal techniques with very little change colour, clarity and surface finish.


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